UX Designer

What is a UX Designer? It is someone who brings value to a business and its customers. They do this by solving problems with beautifully simple and intuitive design solutions that make a product or service beneficial, usable and enjoyable for its users. This dramatically improves their experience of the business.

Design Services

I have been working with for clients since the early 90’s and know most business owners appreciate value for money, common sense and a dependable partner. I support businesses with web and graphic design services, focusing on providing a full package of brand elements including logo, stationery, marketing material, website, web content and site SEO optimisation.

Web Design in 6 Steps

  1. Goal Analysis
    1. Identity the core messages
  2. Design and Build (WordPress)
    1. Develop visuals and site online
  3. Content Customisation
    1. Create benefit focused headings and text
    2. Communicate business expertise
  4. Goal Implementation
    1. Implement call-to-actions
    2. Implement clear layout and navigation
  5. Site Optimisation
    1. Write Meta Titles
    2. Write Meta Descriptions
    3. Implement Header Tags hierarchy
    4. Include Alt Tags (Image descriptions)
  6. Testing and Ongoing Refinement
    1. Learn from user behaviour (CrazyEgg)
    2. Drive revenue with online marketing (Klaviyo)

Graphic Design in 6 Steps

  1. Brand Strategy
    1. Competitor Analysis
    2. Brand Personality and Mission
  2. Design Concepts
    1. Up to 5 options for Logo and Colours
    2. Visual examples
  3. Design Development
    1. Refine design following feedback
  4. Development of Collateral
    1. Implementation of design on required items
  5. Artwork Production
    1. Production of final files and templates
  6. Documentation
    1. Create guidelines for new Brand

Why work with me?


You get a website and graphics centred around simplicity that clearly presents the benefits of your products and services.


You receive the highest level of thought and attention to detail from start to finish for every project, no matter what size.

Effective design

You get a workable solution to ensure you get the most out of your investment and have the tools to grow your business.

Here’s some happy clients


Global Tax Consulting

“I am so incredibly fortunate to have come across Rob. I spent several months searching for a web developer and logo designer. I came across many young graphic designers promising to come up with fresh ideas. Whilst they could design something that was in keeping with current trends, they lacked depth and business experience.

Not only was Rob able to help me develop my business branding, logo and website, he demonstrated a depth of knowledge in business marketing. Rob has been invaluable in assisting me with thinking about how I should market my business and how to communicate to my clients effectively. I am so grateful for the logo and website that Rob designed for my business. It has simply surpassed my expectations. I am torn because I feel the need to tell the whole world about his work but at the same time, I want to keep it all a secret to myself.”

Ernie Thai


Luxottica Retail

“Rob Bryant has the rare talent of delivering innovative and contemporary graphic design coupled with an easy and direct communication style in all his work. This has made Rob my first choice in retail graphic design for over 10 years whether it is bricks and mortar, retail branding or online.

As a senior marketing and merchandising manager for the Luxottica Retail Group (OPSM, Laubman & Pank, Budget Eyewear, Sunglass Hut) I was responsible for the delivery of new store designs, retail branding and all in-store communication. Rob always not only delivered to brief but quite often helped shape that brief through his logic and razor-sharp insight. He could always cut to the heart of any matter and deliver the workable and practical solution often needed to deliver the all-important bottom line results.”

Ian Whelan

Academy Bay Diving

“Rob at Trebor Design took our ideas and information and produced a beautiful website that has increased our online enquires and more importantly, our sales.

He was very patient with us and walked us through each step, from modernising our logo to the website design and online payment system.

We would definitely recommend Rob to other businesses looking to improve their online presence and grow their business”

Alice and Hugo Masaquiza


FBT Solutions

“Rob has helped me from day one in my business to create the brand and visual imagery – from business cards and stationery through to web development and marketing. At every step along the way of developing the business, Rob always comes up with a good range of ideas complemented with excellent alternatives.

I regularly receive positive feedback from people on the look and content of the business branding, websites and other material – this is a credit to Rob’s creativity and thoroughness. It is a pleasure working with Rob as my business continues to grow with Rob’s professional and creative assistance.”

Paul Mather


Discovery Learning

“Quite simply I can not speak highly enough of Rob Bryant’s work. We are a small training and development company, Rob was referred to us and we managed to completely rebuild our website on the phone and through email. He is absolutely amazing and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rob to any company wishing to build a website.”

Elizabeth Stroud


Payroll Talent

“Having been burnt by web designers on two occasions I stumbled across Trebor after investigating who was behind a couple of websites I really liked. From day one I realised that I’d hit on a business who not only listened to me but also managed to transform my ideas around logo/web design and copy into exactly what I had been formulating in my head for six months.

Rob adhered to all the timescales we agreed on and the finished product was half of what I had budgeted for although I would have happily exhausted my budget (and more) for what Rob produced. The new site is clean, clear, concise, modern and gets to the point succinctly – exactly what I needed for my new business. Feedback regarding the site has been phenomenal and the CMS Rob recommended is a breeze to update. I cannot speak more highly of Trebor and refer anyone I know looking into web design straight to Rob.”

David Zeman


Dive Centre Manly

“Rob managed to take a few conceptual ideas and create an exciting and highly effective environment for our business. From logo development through to in-store graphics treatment and signage, he was able to capture the essence of what we wanted our business to be and more importantly ‘feel’. His approach was very structured and any feedback we provided was considered, then factored into his response, resulting in a fantastic outcome.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Rob and will be continuing to use his services.”

Janet Clough and Richard Nicholls